12. juni // One polyvalent space for the creativity, science and technology

It’s a low cost proposal.

I suggest not to modify the spaces except one small gastronomic area and the bathrooms.

Værftshallerne can be managed by different groups active in the field of the arts and technology.

For example:

One polyvalent space for the creativity, science and technology.

Helsingør Teater, Kulture Værftet new media Art, Det Store Rum “new circus school and performing arts”, Amateur Theatre  and the Tekniske Museum.


Artists in Residence, Exhibitions, Theatre, Dance, Performing Arts and Visual Arts, Set of experimental cinema and green Rum, Cineforum. New media Art workshops and stages.

Circus school “Det Store Rum”, New media events, International and local Artistic residences and workshops,

Tekniske Museum permanent exhibition.


Vegan bar and slow food.


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